We are specialist in designing and producing ship's outfittings and aluminum construction!

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Sales Record
We supply various products to satisfy our customers' needs.
Zero Wonder

We offer an eco-friendly recycling system with our garbage disposal unit, "Zero Wonder".
Alumi Booth

"Alumi Booth" is aluminum-made, multi-purpose resting booth.
Ship's Mast & Post
Design & production of various masts for ships including radar mast & fore mast.
Aluminum Ship's outfittings

We design & produce ship's aluminum outfittings taking advantage of aluminum's lightness & high corrosion resistance.
Ship's Door & Hatch
We design & supply ship's various doors & hatches including watertight ones.
Ship's General Outfittings
We also design & supply davits, ventilators, ladders, etc for various ships.
Special Outfittings
We can design & supply special outfittings such as hydraulic doors & portable davits.